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  I have always been reluctant to buy navy. It just doesn’t sing to me like other colors do! Well, all of that changed recently when I saw a few items that caught my eye…both navy! As I went home and styled these items, I found that the color can act as a neutral for […]

Finally Fall!

October 14th, 2015 by Kim Krzanowski

Words cannot express how excited I was for the weather and outfit options to change! Summer is nice, but fall is where it’s at for me.  I really enjoy dressing in the fall and here is why: 1. Layers provide style options-the more options you have with a look the better! 2. Good bye bare […]

I am ready for fall! These hot and humid days are really causing havoc in my wardrobe and I am so ready for cooler temperatures and rich colors. As cooler weather approaches, I am planning out my fall looks and am obsessed with maroons, dark blues and GOLD! The combo of those colors with gold […]

Hello ladies, for this month’s “5 under $25” challenge I was in search of outfits to wear to outdoor concerts, summer picnics and events with family and friends. I was specifically looking for items that were red, white and blue in color or nautical themed, and these leggings definitely fit the bill, however, I didn’t […]

Classic Combo!

July 23rd, 2015 by Kim Krzanowski

“There are a few things that NEVER go out of style…polka dots and a crisp white jacket! Classic combinations like these look great on everyone and are so versatile to add colorful accessories. I personally love yellow, so today it was a classic black, white, yellow combo. My shirt is a great find from Susan […]

On a recent trip to the Claymont Goodwill store in Delaware, I hit the jackpot! It was a day that everything that I placed in my shopping cart turned out to be fabulous! These days are not common, so I told myself that today was a special day and that I really needed to get […]

When the warm weather finally arrived, my boys loved being back outside.  Winter was hard, and those two boys needed to be outside where they could run, jump, and be as loud as they wanted. As good as being back outside was for the boys, being outside was really hard on their clothes.  The grass […]

Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! A perfect transitional dress that will take you from April showers to hot July days! I had been looking for a dress like this (denim chambray and half sleeve) for weeks and on a quick trip to the Smyrna store..I found it!!! With the built in […]

As soon as it gets warm outside and the birds start chirping, I know that the time has come – the time to spring clean! For some people the thought of spring cleaning is dreadful, but personally I relish in it. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at a huge pile of clutter that is packed up […]

Say hello to Aunt Helen. This is my father’s only remaining sibling. I have fond memories as a child of visiting her and going to the bakery down the street from where she lived. She would send us to get Kaiser rolls hot out of the oven, then we would bring them home to slather […]

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