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Behind the curtains of the Goodwill Runway Show

March 17th, 2015 by Melissa

A few weeks ago, Goodwill hosted my favorite and most exciting event of the year – The Goodwill Runway Show and Boutique. Now in its 5th year, the Runway Show took place on Friday, February 27, 2015 at the Sheraton Wilmington South and featured an amazing Runway Show as well as the “Second-hand Chic Boutique”.  And, did I mention that the show was SOLD OUT for the first time ever!

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work that goes into putting on such a large event. So much so that it took me a few weeks just to write this post! Ultimately, several members of the Goodwill Marketing department which includes myself (Julie Burns), Colleen McCardle, Melissa Masten and Ted Sikorski, are responsible for the coordination of the event. However, there is no way we could ever do it alone. One of my favorite quotes says “surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher”. All of the dedicated volunteers and employees from all over the organization who worked with us to make the event such a big success helped lift our event to amazing heights.

The Goodwill Retail team was instrumental in providing us with the items for the show and boutique. Leading that process was Ananda Guzman (Goodwill Retail Trainer) and Sue Murray (Goodwill VP of Sales).  We also had help from the Transportation department who made sure all the boutique and show items arrived safely at the show and many day of volunteers who ensured all was set up, cleaned up and ran smoothly at registration and in the Boutique.

Although I like to pretend I am stylish, I am very limited in the fashion department. Therefore, we are armed with volunteers to style all of our talented models. I can honestly say that each year I am blown away by the outfits the stylist put together and by the incredible way our models strut their stuff down the Runway.  I am truly honored to work with each model and stylist and feel that we have in some ways become a family. Many, many, many hours go into the show part of this event. Since November, stylists have been working with their models to find just the right looks, we have met multiple times to approve outfits and held several rehearsals. Without all of their dedication and time this event could not happen. Again I would like to point out that all of these individuals are volunteers. They are not being paid! Below is a list of all the stylists and models.

Stylists: Kim Krzanowski, Antionette Blake, Zonia James, Cassie Steele, Takesha Parks and Rose Viramontes
Choreography: Lymain Saunders
Models: Jonathan Domenici, Karen Fitzpatrick, Jeanette Halliburton, Troy Hendrickson, Zonia James, Jeanette Kwitakowski, Jamie Lumb-Faedtke, Barb Maddams, Brittany McCardle, Malik Parks, Nicole Perkins, Kim Reiher, Darin Scaggs, Katrina Short, Gaylyn Walz and Matt Woowdard

Finally, we would also like to thank the following supporters:
Hair and make-up for our models was provided by Paul Mitchell the School
Photography was provided by Errol E Photography
Entertainment provided by Beth Goldwater
The WSTW Wakeup Crew Nancy Johnson and Spencer Graves for donating their time and talent.

Hope to see you next year!



P.S. – I have posted some of my favorite pictures below. Some were taken by the incredibly talented Errol Ebanks. Others were taken by the equally talented Melissa Masten. You can view more photos on the Goodwill facebook page by clicking here.

Melissa is Goodwill of DE’s social media aficionado. She has an obsession with sassy graphic design, glittery DIY projects, and most of all scouring local Goodwill’s for retro mid-century furnishings for her new house.

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March 27, 2015 at 10:38 pm, Antionette Blake said:

This was yet another successful and exciting Runway Show of which I was honored to be a part of – thank you Goodwill for supporting the community, our neighbors!


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