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Cardigan of the Future

January 4th, 2016 by Kim Krzanowski

I am not a cardigan person at all.  I own a few, but rarely ever wear them. It’s a battle…I like the idea of the cardigan (easy, keeps you warm, can add a pop of color) but prefer the structure of a blazer. Well, that changed on a recent trip to Goodwill.  As I always do, I go straight for the blazers and jackets. I always look for a cool pattern or color, and on this trip, this black and white striped “jacket” caught my eye.  As I pulled it off the hanger, I realized that this “jacket” was the cardigan of the future.  It has the shape of a long cardigan, but also a structure of a jacket.  The collar detail is also great and brings just the right amount of interest. Wear it with jeans and colorful shirt, with black pants and turtleneck or over a dress (also found at GW) for work. Add a belt to pull it all together and you have recreated a cardigan look with a twist.

Here are a few other Style Savvy Shopping Tips:

  1. Look for patterns and colors you like-your eye will be drawn to them first!
  2. Be an equal opportunity shopper-if you always buy a certain color, try another color and make yourself wear it within one week-if you wait longer you won’t wear it!
  3. Always make at least 2 loops around the store-you will always see something different the second time around.
  4. BIG secret- check the dressing room rack! When others put something back, you may find that was the piece you wanted!
  5. Shop often and understand that you won’t find something every time- it just gives you an excuse to come back later and SCORE!

Kim Krzanowski is the owner of Style Savvy with Kim. A personal shopping, styling and closet makeover business that works with clients who want to look stylish and stay savvy. Her motto is “never pay full price to look fabulous”. Kim has been featured in local publications such as The News Journal and Delaware Today magazine, where she was named Best Dressed Female in 2013. Find Style Savvy with Kim on Facebook and Twitter @StyleSavvyKim.

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