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Goodwill pants saved this mom’s day

May 5th, 2015 by Stephanie

When the warm weather finally arrived, my boys loved being back outside.  Winter was hard, and those two boys needed to be outside where they could run, jump, and be as loud as they wanted.

As good as being back outside was for the boys, being outside was really hard on their clothes.  The grass and dirt stains came out in the wash, but somehow my boys blew out every knee in every pair of jeans they had all in a few weeks! Since school was almost over, I really did not want to go out and buy all new pants.


If I had domestic skills like Martha Stewart, I could have just pulled out my sewing kit and sewn patches onto all the busted jeans, but what I lack in domestic skills I make up for in my thrifting skills. Goodwill pants, here I come!

In just one visit to Goodwill, I found five pairs of jeans for $10 total. Thanks to Goodwill and my serious thrifting skills, my boys will be nicely dressed all the way through the end of the school year.


Stephanie fell in love with Goodwill as a quirky teenager searching for vintage clothes. Now as a mom and wife, her love of Goodwill still continues as she searches for deals for her wardrobe, home, and family.

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