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Family Strengthening

Family Strengthening Initiative

The primary goal of the Family Strengthening Initiative is to provide supports for Goodwill team members. Supports include case management services, food closet opportunity and education.

Family Strengthening Through Education Scholarship Program

Goodwill believes in the power of education and wants to support the educational development of those whose lives are touched by Goodwill.  Through the resources devoted to the Family Strengthening Through Education Program, Goodwill has created a $1.5 million endowment fund, known as the Ted Van Name/Goodwill Scholarship Fund. It was named after former Goodwill CEO Ted Van Name, who initiated this innovative program.

The annual interest generated by the fund pays for eligible team members each year who are interested in improving their educational background. Team members or members of their immediate family (mother, father, sister, brother, child or recognized partner) may apply for consideration.

The “Power of Education”
The Family Strengthening Through Education Scholarship Program provides participants with the opportunity to earn their high school diploma or a two-year associate’s degree in any area of study in which they have an interest.

The Family Strengthening Through Education Program has been endorsed by the Delaware Department of Education and by the individual presidents of our local universities and community colleges.

Through partnerships with Delaware Technical & Community College, Delaware County Community College, and the Delaware Department of Adult Education, Goodwill is offering scholarships to eligible team members covering costs associated with pursuing GED/adult basic education, associate’s degrees, and in-house career development/job training programs.

For more information about the Family Strengthening program or to make a tax-deductible donation to help others pursue credentials that will bring living wage earnings, call (302) 761-4640.

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