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adeptus custodes meaning

Their history is a long one, and for centuries they have walked in the Emperor's shadow as His praetorians and the protector of His secrets. Seeking to strike the decapitating blow that would bring the Imperium to ruin, a vast horde of Khornate Daemons tore through the skin of reality and assaulted the Lion's Gate, initiating what became known informally as the "Second Battle of Terra." The new points, missions objectives, and recent buffs have seriously elevated the competitive edge of the Custodes, and so far they’re one of the big winners of the transition from 8th edition to 9th edition 40k. Ancient depiction by an Imperial artisan of the Legio Custodes. But in those dark chronicles the Custodian Guard, in some form or shape, have their part as far back as any can record or those few souls who survive yet from those times can remember. An Adeptus is just a Branch of Imperial Authority, compare it to a Department, like the Department of Justice or a Bureau of Investigation. A Custodian Shield Company routes the forces of the Black Legion upon the Imperial world of Hydraphur during the Indomitus Crusade. This makes him a terrifyingly effective combatant -- a single Custodian can break a charging horde by himself, though he may take a few good hits in the process. While great swathes of witnesses were corralled and exterminated by the Inquisition, and efforts made to obliterate all evidence of the conflict, the masters of the Adeptus Custodes formally recognised that Terra's defence could no longer be guaranteed without greater proactive measures. single-headed raptor and lightning bolt heraldry, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Sagittarum Guard, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Squad with Twin-Linked Andrathic Destructors, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminators with Infernus Firepikes, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Squad, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Aquilon Terminator Armoured Assault Force, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnoughts, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Telemon Heavy Dreadnought Body, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Dreadnought Collection, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon-Pattern Jetbike, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbike Squadron, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Full-Strength Agamatus Jetbike Squadron, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Coronus Grav-Carrier, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank Annihilator, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-Tank Annihilator & Caladius Grav-Tank, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Orion Assault Dropship, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Orion Assault Force, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Army, Forge World Webstore: Legio Custodes Collection, Forge World Webstore: Talons of the Emperor Incursion Force, Forge World Legio Custodes Custodian Venatari Squad,, The right shoulder guard of a Custodian's armour depicts the Imperial. Such is their authority in this matter that Space Marines and Inquisitors must kneel before them. Its a state entitiy that gets its names from pseudo latinizing the most GENERAL word for directly imperial servants/employees/officials. It is unknown how limited the Custodes' wargear choices are due to the unknown workings of this elite and reclusive paramilitary specialist force that remains an organisation apart from the rest of the Imperium. As the doomscryers of the Imperial Palace sift the tides of the empyrean for warnings of disaster, they also take note of those who -- through example, thought or deed -- are likely to avert such catastrophes before they threaten the Golden Throne. Another school of thought, the adherents of which are known as the Miserians, believe that through the wounds inflicted with Misericordia they will slowly bleed the great descendants of Horus, inflicting a death by a thousand cuts upon the Black Legion and their masters. The Custodes’ Stormshield Question. For long centuries of unbridled internecine carnage on Ancient Terra during the Age of Strife, the Blade of Mercy or Misericordia came to represent the complete power of life and death the techno-barbarian warlords held over the mass of humanity which toiled beneath their yolk and suffered at their whim. Just as a spring tightly wound uncoils with all the more force, the Adeptus Custodes have taken war to the enemies of the Imperium with extreme alacrity and vigour. (They are fragile in 1500-2500 in that a unit of these kitted out will mean you are up against 2-3 more squads per Custode unit, and can be easily wiped out by the concentrated fire). Such was their psycho-physical design, and the intricacy and sophistication of the gene-craft involved, that the modifications which went into their creation required such strict biological and psychological criteria that only a mere one in many thousands of potential candidates might prove suitable for the simplest of the steps involved in the Legio Custodes creation process. [15g], The modern Adeptus Custodes are deployed in contingents known as Sodalities, Shield Companies and Shield Hosts. This allows them to respond swiftly, and with overwhelming force, to any potentially threatening situation that may develop. The seeds of doubt He left behind among the Astartes Legions soon became the roots of treachery, for there is darkness in every soul, and the Ruinous Powers have always known how to exploit it. The current incumbent of this position is Shield-Captain Borsa Thursk, who has been Lockwarden for a century and a half. So that's everything for the Adeptus Custodes. The latter organisational tier takes precedence for these purposes. We are punishment inescapable. Firstly, there is the matter of the age of the candidacy. - Adeptus Custodes, Praetorians of the Emperor. Until next time, James One by one, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the attack were blown apart or cut down. In doing so, they also relinquished some of their military strength. Valdor was ever-present at the Emperor's side, always protecting Him from unseen enemies and he saved the Emperor's life innumerable times. A Custodian of the late 41st Millennium stands ever-vigilant, ready to defend the Emperor from any and all threats. Now, they crusade once more against the dying of the Emperor's light, a vengeance long-awaited finally within reach of their blades. If at any stage in the process of Custodian augmentation the merest flaw is encountered, as with the gemsmith's search for the perfect stone, the flawed subject is discarded. They see themselves as the first true line of defence for the Imperial Palace, and believe that it is their duty to ensure that no external threat ever makes it as far as Terra. They are to the Space Marines as the Emperor is to His primarchs, and it is rumoured that they were each created by the Master of Mankind personally. Taking to the sea of stars, they now bring the battle to the Great Enemy, intent on absolving themselves in the baptism of fire and blood for their failure in their duties ten millennia earlier. This is because -- as with all else about the Custodian Guard -- it is a matter for the Imperial Household alone, and that authority is one none may gainsay or question. Legions of howling daemons surged towards the Emperor's palace in a crimson tidal wave, and a frenzied battle ensued. The warriors of the Adeptus Custodes are a department of the Adeptus Terra, the Imperial government, but its members are answerable only to the Emperor and their own leaders. They have even protected two Crusade leaders bearing the title of Warmaster, staunchly ignoring the historic associations with he who first held that rank. Their word is law and their might in battle unsurpassed, even amongst the ranks of … Members of the Kataphraktoi riding Jetbikes during the Great Crusade. Guardian Spears These are the signature weapons of the Adeptus Custodes, wielded with skill and accuracy beyond measure. Those of the Legio Custodes who specialised in such tactics and the means of employing them were called the Kataphraktoi; they flew interceptors and gunships of sublime sophistication and power, and piloted a range of repulsor-lift grav-vehicles; tanks, transports and strike skimmers, Jetbikes and interface flyers advanced beyond anything else in the Imperium's arsenal. The failure rate of aspirants is inconsistent, but let’s say only 1 in 1000 candidates survives the process. The ancient Legio Custodes were the bodyguards and sworn protectors of the Emperor and His chosen emissaries, and when the need arose, His most deadly executioners. Only those who win the respect of the Adeptus Custodes can hope to command them, but should such a leader unite them, their loyalty will never fade. Still, it is a role that has earned the Adeptus Custodes much favour in the eyes of Terra's noble elite. The Emperor battles the Warmaster Horus aboard his flagship, while the Legio Custodes attempt to come to the aid of their liege. Yet much of this is tradition, or else purposeful misdirection; in practice, the Adeptus Custodes use a robust and easily adaptable system to organise their forces. The Custodian Guard is known to have used Grav-Rhinos, Caladius, Pallas, and Coronus Grav-Tanks, and Paragon Pattern Jetbikes. Human translations with examples: watchmen, ottenuto, the great joy, soldier of wall, hearvnto sleep,. It is a process that effects such change on the mortal human form that, when complete, unless they suffer such massive bodily harm as to forcibly end their lives, they are effectively immortal, without perceptible ageing taking place after full maturity. Membership of this body changes periodically to ensure a blend of established wisdom and fresh ideas. The Adeptus Custodes. To their comrades there is no implication of divine intervention in this, for the Custodes have never viewed the Emperor as a god. Yet there is no terror as pure and absolute as that invoked when the Emperor's own fury is unleashed to punish his foes. Not for them the pinpoint rapid strike, the hidden war or the measured defensive action. Due to the vast size of the Imperial Palace, the Custodes always act as a defensive army[1]. Those who feel the Emperor's guidance the keenest become Emissaries Imperatus. Yet the reason is a noble one. They have fought against enemies thousands of times their number and humbled them through strategy, speed and strength. The first of these was made while the Unification Wars were being fought, in a modified Ur-Gholem Pattern Dreadnought, the first iteration of its kind intended for use within the Thunder Legions, and as the number of Dreadnought patterns and subtypes within the Imperium's arsenal increased across the Great Crusade's decades of warfare and innovation, so too did the Legio Custodes keep pace with these developments. A perpetual menace thickens the shadows and makes them crawl. It speaks volumes about the dire condition of the galaxy that Thursk left Terra but twice before the breaking of the storm, yet he has barely set foot there since the Great Rift yawned wide. Those who stand in the way of such paragons of surety do not last long. They are His last line of defence against a hostile galaxy hell-bent on Humanity's destruction. Few post-Heresy variations of tank, aircraft or weapons systems are at their disposal, but they are perhaps stronger for it -- every weapon the Custodian Guard uses to wage war has earned its place a hundred times over. Immediately below the absolute authority of the Captain-General were the two Tribunes, the senior members of the Custodian Tribunate; a senior cadre of ten veteran Custodians, forming the Adeptus Custodes' council of war and policy who acted as advisors to the Captain-General. There is no record of when or how Valdor was killed or if he was even killed at all. Yet dozens of Emissaries Imperatus stepped forwards to intercede, stating this was the will of the Emperor. The practice continues to this day, and all new initiates are drawn from infants among Terran nobles. Headquarters Even of this small pool of candidates, survival through the multiple solar decades of alchemical augmentation and psycho-memetic training were far from guaranteed. With the Sanctum Imperialis secure under the vigil of the Companions, the crusaders are free to pursue the war of aggression they have long desired, putting into place war strategies perfected over the centuries through fractal thought exercises, cogitator-spawned algorithms, long study and even simulated conflicts waged in hallucinariums. In rank below the Tribune can be found the Centurions or Shield Captains. It’s 30k rules make it a great weapon and would fit the role of relic very well. Every act, thought and deed of a Custodian is made for the furtherance of the Emperor's cause, and therefore the survival of the Human race. Many can be described as paragon variants of well-established Imperial patterns such as the Arachnus Blaze Cannon, which were recognisably developments of widely used Imperial las technology, but built with esoteric and powerful components which could never be replicated en masse. So lets dive into my (little) experience and thoughts I’ve had on the Custodes thus far! These are sometimes used for special missions by the Ephoroi caste within the greater Imperium. Once he joins the Tribunate, a Custodian must serve for at least ten Terran years. It is the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when. Again and again has history seen the Custodian Guard stand off and defeat odds that seem beyond reason or belief. Ours is the timeless honour, the willing sacrifice, the penitence enduring. Their numbers include variations of force, wargear and panoply such as the Sentinel Guard and Custodian Guard proper, as well as the elite Hetaeron Guard -- the most skilled fighters among a force of warriors whose martial skills are already well beyond human. The first mystery that outsiders must cope with is that of identity. Thus it is officially recorded that any warzone the Custodes are deployed to is an Imperial victory, even before they arrive.[25c]. What can be outwardly observed is contained here within this account, as are the various details and titles with which the Custodian Guard openly interacts with the other organs of the Imperium's power. This mission might take them all across the galaxy, even into the shadows of the Imperium Nihilus beyond the sprawl of the Great Rift to the galactic north, but always their focus would be the sanctity of Terra. In addition to this, each one is a lord of the Imperium in their own right. [17b] After the end of the Horus Heresy and the enthronement of the Emperor, the Custodes were said to have changed the colour of their cloaks from red to black to symbolise the darkness that had fallen over their order. However by the late 41st Millennium, the Adeptus Custodes had rebuilt their original strength of 10,000 warriors. [19][25], The Adeptus Custodes were known originally as the Legio Custodes or Custodian Guard. Conversely, a Shield-Host consists of multiple Shield-Companies and is led by several Shield-Captains as well as a counsel of Vexilus Praetors. Whether ancient relic or newly-made, these items were not only customised exactly to task, but were also produced without any regard to the consumption of resources or rarity of component or lore required; to arm and outfit the Legio Custodes to the optimum, nothing was spared. Bands of Custodian Wardens stood their ground in the shadowed undervaults far beneath the palace as runic sigils burned out and timeless horrors burst from their containment cells. [25d] Later, the Custodes permitted Guilliman to enter the Emperor's Throneroom alone for an entire day. The Custodians share the blood of the Emperor, after all, and their loyalty to their primogenitor is unshakeable. [25g] Some Custodes further protect themselves by carrying a Praesidium Shield, Storm Shield[13] or equipping themselves with Terminator Armour.[25h]. [22b] Individual squads of Custodes are overseen by Shield-Captains[13]. The Emperor engineered few of these warriors once the swifter method for creating superhuman warriors using Space Marine gene-seed became more viable. 5-13; Dark Imperium (Novel) by Guy Haley, Ch. You can help Lexicanum by fixing it. For these purposes takes precedence the latter organisational tier. It would greatly strengthen the Imperium. See more. In Rogue Trader (1st Edition) the Custodes were the Guardians of the Emperor and the Imperial Palace. "These men are my bodyguards, their lives forfeit to the guarantee of my physical safety. The Custodes is an elite cadre of genetically-engineered transhuman warriors who are even more potent in combat than the Adeptus Astartes. All shall learn to fear their golden warships, for they herald swift and unmerciful slaughter. The evidence then is clear; since before the first worlds were conquered as the Great Crusade left the Sol System, since before the taking of Luna and the Treaty of Olympus Mons, since before the Cataclysm of Ursh and the fall of the Yndonisic Bloc, before the Space Marines and before the Thunder Warriors, the Custodian Guard have walked at the Emperor's side. They have been called the Emperor's right hand, for they act with His authority and fight in His name.

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