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cbsa fb classification

An employee who is required to travel outside his or her headquarters area on government business, as these expressions are defined by the Employer, and is away from his permanent residence for forty (40) nights during a fiscal year shall be granted seven decimal five (7.5) hours of time off with pay. 4.1.1 To facilitate the redeployment of affected employees, surplus employees and laid-off persons, departments or organizations shall make every reasonable effort to retrain such persons for: 4.1.2 It is the responsibility of the employee, home department or organization and appointing department or organization to identify retraining opportunities pursuant to subsection 4.1.1. 18.10 Subject to and as provided for in the Public Service Labour Relations Act, a grievor who feels treated unjustly or aggrieved by an action or lack of action by the Employer in matters other than those arising from the classification process is entitled to present a grievance in the manner prescribed in clause 18.08, except that: 18.11 There shall be no more than a maximum of four (4) levels in the grievance procedure. This Memorandum of Understanding shall remain in effect until amended or cancelled by mutual consent of the parties. On a bi-monthly basis and within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the end of the relevant period of leave, the hiring department/agency will invoice the Alliance or Component for the amount owed to them by virtue of this understanding. The Committee shall be comprised of four (4) PSAC and four (4) Employer representatives, with additional resources to be determined by the Committee. Resolve straightforward client service situations, e.g., the completion of forms or missing information, procedural information related to processing, alternatives for compliance and processing avenues. Include case management and timely return to work protocols, based on best practices. modifies her job functions or reassigns her; informs her in writing that it is not reasonably practicable to modify her job functions or reassign her. Part-time employees will receive a minimum payment in accordance with clause 60.10 of this agreement. At the end of the two (2) year leave without pay period, unless the employee has found alternative employment in the core public administration, the employee will be laid-off in accordance with the Public Service Employment Act. leave with pay when circumstances not directly attributable to the employee prevent his or her reporting for duty; such leave shall not be unreasonably withheld; leave with or without pay for purposes other than those specified in this agreement. Subject to operational requirements, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to avoid excessive overtime and to offer overtime work on an equitable basis among readily available qualified employees. The Adjudicator will make an oral determination at the hearing, which will be recorded and initialled by the representatives of the parties. No standby payment shall be granted if an employee is unable to report for duty when required. The nature of the work is such that there is a potential for serious accidents, injuries or illness and risks cannot be managed due to the unpredictability of such situations. Allow employees to select Options B, Ci or Cii. Should there be insufficient or no volunteers after the Employer has canvassed consistent with a) above, the employees with the least amount of service as defined in subparagraph 34.03(a)(i) shall be given the day off. The Employer agrees to provide $330,000 per month to the PSAC-TBS JLP starting on the date of the signature of the PA collective agreement until the subsequent PA collective agreement is signed to ensure continuity of this initiative. Requires full working knowledge of service delivery activities within a defined program or service area and a strong understanding of the relevant operational and legislative contexts related to the broader functional area or business line. 34.04 An employee is entitled to vacation leave with pay to the extent of the employee’s earned credits, but an employee who has completed six (6) months of continuous employment is entitled to receive an advance of credits equivalent to the anticipated credits for the current vacation year. However, such settlement types are not considered for the statistical areas in this classification. The Integrated Border Services Allowance shall be paid in accordance with the following table: This allowance shall be paid on the same basis as the employee’s regular pay. 25.16 The Employer shall set up a master shift schedule for a fifty-six (56) day period, posted fifteen (15) days in advance, which will cover the normal requirements of the work area. An employee shall earn sick leave credits at the rate of nine decimal three seven five (9.375) hours for each calendar month for which the employee receives pay for at least seventy-five (75) hours. 3.4 Subject to 3.3, by mutual consent the parties may agree to conduct a re-population of schedules at any point over the life of the schedule. 6. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. A CBSA agent told the extradition hearing for Meng Wanzhou that he made a “heart-wrenching” mistake during the Huawei executive’s arrest at Vancouver International Airport. 60.10A part-time employee who reports for work as directed on a day which is prescribed as a designated paid holiday for a full-time employee in clause 30.01 shall be paid for the time actually worked in accordance with clause 60.09 or a minimum of four (4) hours pay at the straight-time rate, whichever is greater. a course offered by a recognized academic institution; a seminar, convention or study session in a specialized field directly related to the employee’s work. Signed at Ottawa, this 9th day of the month of February 1982. The technical committee shall provide interim recommendations for review by the steering committee on the following matters through a series of regular meetings: The technical committee shall respect the related work of the Mental Health Task Force and the Service Wide Occupational Health and Safety Committee in its deliberations. The PSC will refer surplus employees and laid-off persons to positions, in all departments, organizations and agencies governed by the PSEA, for which they are potentially qualified for the essential qualifications, unless the individuals have advised the PSC and their home departments or organizations in writing that they are not available for appointment. Education allowance is a Transition Support Measure (see Option (b) above) plus an amount of not more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) for reimbursement of receipted expenses of an opting employee for tuition from a learning institution and costs of books and relevant equipment. An employee shall be credited a one-time entitlement of thirty-seven decimal five (37.5) hours of vacation leave with pay on the first (1st) day of the month following the employee’s second (2nd) anniversary of service, as defined in clause 34.03. The PSC, acting in accordance with the Privacy Act, will provide the Treasury Board Secretariat with information related to the administration of priority entitlements which may reflect on departments’ or organizations’ and agencies’ level of compliance with this Directive. Requires thorough knowledge of current theories, trends and practices in a relevant field of expertise, as well as a broad understanding of the current business context and direction. Ten elements are used in this job evaluation plan. Responsible for formal people supervision. provides the Employer with proof that he or she has applied for and is in receipt of parental, paternity or adoption benefits under the Employment Insurance or the Québec Parental Insurance Plan in respect of insurable employment with the Employer. Refers to carrying/lifting/moving objects weighing more than 20 kilograms, or. An employee has the right to make written comments to be attached to the performance review form. 4.01 Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to require the Employer to do or refrain from doing anything contrary to any instruction, direction or regulations given or made by or on behalf of the Government of Canada in the interest of the safety or security of Canada or any state allied or associated with Canada. 7.2.1 The provisions of this part apply only in the case of alternative delivery initiatives and are in exception to other provisions of this Appendix. On the second (2nd) or subsequent lay-off, one (1) week’s pay for each complete year of continuous employment and, in the case of a partial year of continuous employment, one (1) week’s pay multiplied by the number of days of continuous employment divided by three hundred and sixty-five (365), less any period in respect of which the employee was granted severance pay under subparagraph (a)(i). 50.03 Employees on career development leave shall be reimbursed for all reasonable travel and other expenses incurred by them which the Employer may deem appropriate. 61.02 Severance benefits payable to an employee under this article shall be reduced by any period of continuous employment in respect of which the employee was already granted any type of termination benefit. Should more than one employee meet the qualifications required select the same line on the schedule, years of service as defined in subparagraph 34.03(a)(i) will be used as the determining factor to allocate the line. The following is a description of the six degrees and points allocated to each degree: Reviews data or information to ensure accuracy and completeness, and processes information using well-defined processes or procedures within prescribed guidelines. These numbers are called Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS ) codes. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced the seizure of over 4,000 litres of MDP-2-P at the Vancouver Container Examination Facility. to an employee who makes a complaint on his or her own behalf before the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board; to an employee who acts on behalf of an employee making a complaint or who acts on behalf of the Alliance making a complaint. 35.02 An employee shall be granted sick leave with pay when he or she is unable to perform his or her duties because of illness or injury provided that: 35.03 Unless otherwise informed by the Employer, a statement signed by the employee stating that, because of illness or injury, he or she was unable to perform his or her duties, shall, when delivered to the Employer, be considered as meeting the requirements of paragraph 35.02(a). The elements of the new system are as follows: The surcharge will be based on average expected costs incurred by the Employer for payroll taxes, pensions and supplementary benefits during the operation of the program as described above, calculated according to generally accepted practices. The Committee will provide a report of recommendations to the President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Secretary of the Treasury Board of Canada by December 1, 2017. 7.6.1 For greater certainty, the provisions of Part II, Official Notification, and section 6.5, Retention Payment, will apply in the case of an employee who refuses an offer of employment in the case of a Type 1 or Type 2 transitional employment arrangement. 18.22 The time limits stipulated in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement between the Employer and the grievor and, where appropriate the Alliance representative. the employee shall be deemed, for purposes of severance pay, to be involuntarily laid-off on the day on which employment in the core public administration terminates. 30.06 When a day designated as a holiday for an employee is moved to another day under the provisions of clause 30.04: 30.08 Reporting for work on a designated holiday, 30.09 Scheduling of shift-working employees on a designated holiday. The allowance will be paid as a lump sum, payable on the day on which the departmental or organizational work or function is transferred to the new employer. 30.03 Designated holiday coinciding with a day of paid leave. A reasonable job offer is also an offer from a FAA Schedule V employer, providing that: The PSC has endorsed those portions of this Appendix for which it has responsibility. The importance of the characteristics of work in terms of assessing the relative value of each element is reflected in the maximum point values assigned to the elements. Surplus employees must be both trainable and mobile. Responsible officers in departmental or organizational headquarters may, in turn, direct questions regarding the application of this Appendix to the Senior Director, Excluded Groups and Administrative Policies, Labour Relations and Compensation Operations, Treasury Board Secretariat. personal injury accidentally received in the performance of his or her duties and not caused by the employee’s willful misconduct. Time spent on such leave shall count for pay increment purposes. Once identified, make ongoing recommendations to the steering committee on how those gaps could be addressed. Subject to paragraph (a) above, by mutual consent the parties may agree to conduct a re-population of schedules at any point over the life of the schedule. An employee who works three (3) or more hours of overtime immediately before or immediately following the employee’s scheduled hours of work shall be reimbursed his or her expenses for one meal in the amount of twelve dollars ($12) except where free meals are provided. Point-rating plans define characteristics or elements common to the jobs being evaluated, define degrees of each element and allocate point values to each degree. 33.07 An employee is not entitled to leave with pay during periods he or she is on leave without pay or under suspension. The pay increment period for employees at levels FB-1 to FB-8 is the anniversary date of such appointment. In populating a newly established schedule, as developed by the Employer, the Employer will canvass all employees covered by the specific schedule for volunteers to populate the schedule. These historical provisions are being reproduced to reflect the agreed language in cases of deferred payment. working in an awkward position requiring moderate physical exertion and discomfort. subject to operational requirements, leave without pay for a period of up to three (3) months will be granted to an employee for personal needs; subject to operational requirements, leave without pay for more than three (3) months but not exceeding one (1) year will be granted to an employee for personal needs; an employee is entitled to leave without pay for personal needs only once under each of paragraphs (a) and (b) during the employee’s total period of employment in the public service. Be administered internally within the federal public service, rather than by third-party service provider. A pay increment shall be to the next rate in the scale of rates. An employee shall be paid an allowance under this clause and under clause 40.02 for a combined period of no more than the number of weeks during which the employee would have been eligible for parental, paternity or adoption benefits under the Employment Insurance or the Québec Parental Insurance Plan, had the employee not been disqualified from Employment Insurance or Québec Parental Insurance Plan benefits for the reasons described in subparagraph (a)(i). When leave is granted, it will be granted on an hourly basis and the number of hours debited for each day of leave shall be equal to the number of hours of work scheduled for the employee for the day in question. 30.10 In accordance with clause 25.21, the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that the processes outlined in 30.09 a) through (d) are undertaken at least seven (7) days prior to the designated paid holiday. 34.02 For each calendar month in which an employee has earned at least seventy-five (75) hours’ pay, the employee shall earn vacation leave credits at the rate of: Notwithstanding paragraph (a) above, an employee who was a member of one of the bargaining units listed below on the date of signing of the relevant collective agreement or an employee who became a member of those bargaining units between the date of signing of the relevant collective agreement and May 31, 1990, shall retain, for the purposes of “service” and of establishing his or her vacation entitlement pursuant to this clause, those periods of former service which had previously qualified for counting as continuous employment, until such time as his or her employment in the public service is terminated. The minimum payment referred to in subparagraph (c)(i) does not apply to part-time employees. If the recalculated rate of pay is less than the rate of pay the employee was previously receiving, the revised rate of pay shall be the rate, which is nearest to, but not less than the rate of pay being received prior to the revision. 2.1 Local consultation pursuant to paragraph 25.24(a) of the agreement will take place within five (5) days of notice served by either party to reopen an existing variable shift schedule agreement or negotiate a new variable shift schedule arrangement. With the exception of those provisions for which the Public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible, this Appendix is part of this agreement. Departments and organizations shall establish voluntary departure programs for all workforce adjustments situations involving five or more affected employees working at the same group and level and in the same work unit. The PSC will further ensure that entitlements are respected and that priority persons are fairly and properly assessed. 32.04 When an employee is required to travel outside his or her headquarters area on government business, as these expressions are defined by the Employer, the time of departure and the means of such travel shall be determined by the Employer and the employee will be compensated for travel time in accordance with clauses 32.05 and 32.06. Class 1 – Celebrate Your Sweet Tooth Naturally Online Master Class is designed to show you how to swap out the white sugar, butter, cream and other dairy to swapping all natural sweeteners like maple, honey and fruit. Notwithstanding clause 60.02, there shall be no pro-rating of a “day” in Article 46: bereavement leave with pay. Similarly, the Employer shall be deemed to have delivered a reply at any level on the date on which the letter containing the reply is postmarked, but the time limit within which the grievor may present the grievance at the next higher level shall be calculated from the date on which the Employer’s reply was delivered to the address shown on the grievance form. anticipated vacancies identified by management. Subject to operational requirements as determined by the Employer and with an advance notice of at least five (5) working days, the employee shall be granted, in each fiscal year, fifteen (15) hours of leave with pay for reasons of a personal nature. Act means the Customs Act. the workforce adjustment situation and its effect on that individual; the PSC’s Priority Information Management System and how it works from the employee’s perspective; preparation of a curriculum vitae or resumé; the employee’s current situation (for example, pay, benefits such as severance pay and superannuation, classification, language rights, years of service); alternatives that might be available to the employee (the alternation process, appointment, relocation, retraining, lower-level employment, term employment, retirement including the possibility of waiver of penalty if entitled to an annual allowance, Transition Support Measure, education allowance, pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, resignation, accelerated lay-off); the likelihood that the employee will be successfully appointed; the meaning of a guarantee of a reasonable job offer, a twelve (12) month surplus priority period in which to secure a reasonable job offer, a Transition Support Measure and an education allowance; advise employees to seek out proposed alternatives and submit requests for approval as soon as possible after being informed they will not be receiving a guarantee of a reasonable job offer; the Human Resources Centres and their services (including a recommendation that the employee register with the nearest office as soon as possible); preparation for interviews with prospective employers; feedback when an employee is not offered a position for which he or she was referred; repeat counselling as long as the individual is entitled to a staffing priority and has not been appointed; advising the employee that refusal of a reasonable job offer will jeopardize both chances for retraining and overall employment continuity; advising employees of the right to be represented by the Alliance in the application of this Appendix. If an alternation is proposed for a surplus employee, as opposed to an opting employee, the Transition Support Measure that is available to the alternate under 6.4.1 (b) or 6.4.1 (c) (i) shall be reduced by one week for each completed week between the beginning of the employee’s surplus priority period and the date the alternation is proposed. 6.4.3 The TSM, pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, and the education allowance cannot be combined with any other payment under the Workforce Adjustment Appendix. CBSA Code Urban Area (Constituent Counties) Wage Index 12420 1Austin-Round Rock, TX Bastrop County, TX Caldwell County, TX Hays County, TX Travis County, TX Williamson County, TX 0.9597 12540 2Bakersfield, CA Kern County, CA 1.0450 12580 1Baltimore-Towson, MD Anne Arundel County, MD Baltimore County, MD Carroll County, MD Harford County, MD Decisions can be policy, program development, program/service delivery or compliance in nature and can include human, financial or physical resources. Täglich exklusive Business & First Class Angebote zu den beliebtesten Langstrecken-Destinationen: fast alle Verbindungen für unter 2.000 Euro buchbar Use your existing Facebook friends. 14.01 When operational requirements permit, in cases of complaints made to the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board pursuant to section 190(1) of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act (FPSLRA) alleging a breach of sections 157, 186(1)(a), 186(1)(b), 186(2)(a)(i), 186(2)(b), 187, 188(a) or 189(1) of the PSLRA, the Employer will grant leave with pay: 14.02 When operational requirements permit, the Employer will grant leave without pay: 14.03 The Employer will grant leave with pay: 14.04 When operational requirements permit, the Employer will grant leave with pay to a reasonable number of employees representing the Alliance before an arbitration board, public interest commission or in an alternate dispute resolution process. provides the Employer with proof that she has applied for and is in receipt of maternity benefits under the Employment Insurance or the Québec Parental Insurance Plan in respect of insurable employment with the Employer. Classification Review Board (MGCRB), the treatment of hospitals with Lugar status, hospitals that reclassify as rural, and the application of the out-migration adjustment. Subsequent days or shifts worked on the revised hours shall be paid for at straight-time rate, subject to Article 28: overtime. 33.04 The amount of earned but unused leave with pay credited to an employee by the Employer at the time when this agreement is signed, or at the time when the employee becomes subject to this agreement shall be retained by the employee. Sick leave credits earned but unused by an employee during a previous period of employment in the public service shall be restored to an employee whose employment was terminated by reason of lay-off and who is reappointed in the public service within two (2) years from the date of lay-off. 6.3.7 An alternation should normally occur between employees at the same group and level. Should there be more employees scheduled to work a designated paid holiday than is needed, the Employer shall canvass employees scheduled to work the holiday to determine if there are volunteers who wish to have the day off. For the purposes of this part, a termination of employment (licenciement de l’employé-e). 36.01 Up to three decimal seven five (3.75) hours of reasonable time off with pay will be granted to pregnant employees for the purpose of attending routine medical appointments. 25.22 Provided sufficient advance notice is given, the Employer may: 25.24 Variable shift schedule arrangements. Decisions are issue specific and straightforward in nature. Compensatory leave with pay not used by the end of a twelve (12) month period, to be determined by the Employer, will be paid for at the employee’s hourly rate of pay, as calculated from the classification prescribed in the certificate of appointment of the employee’s substantive position at the end of the twelve (12) month period. Decisions impact the overall determination of approaches to program development or delivery within a variety of integrated operations or program/project areas. 38.03 Special maternity allowance for totally disabled employees. The Employer will make a reasonable effort to transfer the incumbent to a position having a level equivalent to that of the former group and/or level of the position. 1.4.1 Employees have the right to be represented by the Alliance in the application of this Appendix. The Adjudicator will be appointed by the PSLRB from among its members who have had at least three (3) years’ experience as a member of the Board. 12 midnight to 8 am, 8 am to 4 pm, and 4 pm to 12 midnight. The salary top-up allowance equivalent to the difference between the remuneration applicable to their core public administration position and the salary applicable to their position with the new employer will be paid as a lump sum, payable on the day on which the departmental or organizational work or function is transferred to the new employer. Compiles and synthesizes information from multiple and diverse sources to determine the best course of action in resolving individual issues/situations. For greater detail on the PSC’s role in administering surplus and lay-off priority entitlements, refer to Annex C of this Appendix. Terms of reference of such committees shall include a process for addressing alternation requests from other departments and/or organizations. 1.1.8 Where a deputy head cannot provide a guarantee of a reasonable job offer, the deputy head will provide one hundred and twenty (120) days to consider the three (3) options outlined in Part VI of this Appendix to all opting employees before a decision is required of them. 2,984 talking about this. When an employee is required to report for work and reports on a designated holiday, the employee shall be paid the greater of: compensation equivalent to three (3) hours’ pay at the applicable overtime rate of pay for each reporting, to a maximum of eight (8) hours’ compensation in an eight (8) hour period, such maximum shall include any reporting pay pursuant to paragraph 28.04(c); compensation in accordance with the provisions of clause 30.07. CBSA is taking the position that language in our contract should continue to be limited largely to sexual harassment. Zip code 77299 is primarily located in Harris County. 7.9.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement concerning severance pay, an employee who accepts a reasonable job offer pursuant to this part will not be paid severance pay where successor rights apply and/or, in the case of a Type 2 transitional employment arrangement, when the new employer recognizes the employee’s years of continuous employment in the public service for severance pay purposes and provides severance pay entitlements similar to the employee’s severance pay entitlements at the time of the transfer.

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