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Spring into style with the perfect dress

April 28th, 2015 by Kim Krzanowski

Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! A perfect transitional dress that will take you from April showers to hot July days! I had been looking for a dress like this (denim chambray and half sleeve) for weeks and on a quick trip to the Smyrna store..I found it!!! With the built in belt loops, this dress would allow a few styles to emerge and my budget to stay on track.  Another loop around the store and I found a belt that I knew would be that pop of color I needed and a FABULOUS pair of leopard shoes. Once I got this little beauty home, I paired it with a colorful handbag, silver statement necklace and bangle.  I am so excited about this outfit and I can’t wait to tell everyone that it cost me $10! My monthly budget is $25, so I have plenty leftover for my end of the month post.


Goodwill Shopping Tips:

When I go shopping at Goodwill, I stick with a game plan.  The plan always consists of shoes, shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts, jeans and the sweet treat at the end-accessories (belts, scarves and jewelry).  I have found that if I start with shoes and end with accessories, my chances of finding something to work with is much higher. You have to think about your current wardrobe, what you have and love to wear and what pieces are you missing. Sometimes you need to focus on one color and look for various ways to bring that into your existing style.  If you are looking for teal, look at shirts AND handbags.  Keep your options open and circulate the store at least twice (a trick that I will get into in a future post!).

Here are some other tips that I use when shopping: Shop often and at different locations, look for brands that you know and love but also be open to other brands, look at all sizes in the area (trust me-some smalls are large and some larges are small!), and the most important tip is TRY EVERYTHING ON!! A dress on a hanger could look awful, but once you try it on..fabulous!

Stay Savvy! ~Kim


Kim Krzanowski is the owner of Style Savvy with Kim. A personal shopping, styling and closet makeover business that works with clients who want to look stylish and stay savvy. Her motto is “never pay full price to look fabulous”. Kim has been featured in local publications such as The News Journal and Delaware Today magazine, where she was named Best Dressed Female in 2013. Find Style Savvy with Kim on Facebook and Twitter @StyleSavvyKim.

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