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What does Goodwill do?

September 13th, 2016 by Goodwill

What does Goodwill do? You know Goodwill, right?  It’s the place your parents have donated to.  Maybe you donate to Goodwill too.  But many people don’t know that our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with barriers to self-sufficiency through the “Power of Work”.  So what does THAT mean?  Basically, we’re about putting people to work.  We do this through employing people in our three business lines – Goodwill Retail Stores (we have 18 in our territory), Goodwill Industrial Services department (we clean a whopping 2 million square feet of office space per night) and Goodwill Staffing Service (we have over 250 people in long-term temporary jobs with area employers).  Revenue generated from these businesses, support programs that we offer to help other people in the community get skills training and jobs.  They are your neighbors, your friends, even your family.  Everyone benefits when people work.

So what does Goodwill really do?  We put people to work.  That’s what we do!












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