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With a little help from Goodwill, Aunt Helen is mobile once again

April 20th, 2015 by Melissa

Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen

Say hello to Aunt Helen. This is my father’s only remaining sibling. I have fond memories as a child of visiting her and going to the bakery down the street from where she lived. She would send us to get Kaiser rolls hot out of the oven, then we would bring them home to slather them with butter.

Aunt Helen recently had a mild stroke and is recovering nicely. However, her creaky knees and hips, coupled with lingering effects of her stroke, made living in her second story townhouse problematic. She was having difficulty negotiating the steps and we had concerns about her living alone. Her husband passed away last year and her children are scattered across the country.

So the family moved her into an assisted living facility. After an initial period of adjustment, she now enjoys her new home. With 24/7 medical care, prepared meals, activities (her favorite is Bingo) and other people around, we know she is in a safe place.

During a recent visit one Sunday, I asked her if there was anything she needed. She told me that the facility runs weekly shopping trips to Target, the mall and the library. She would like to go but didn’t have the mobility needed for these off-site excursions. The folding aluminum walker she uses to help her get around didn’t enable her to sit down if she was tired or needed a rest. My first reaction was “I know just the place to get what you need!” Goodwill’s Home Medical Equipment store, which is located on Lea Boulevard in Wilmington.

That’s where I found this folding, rolling walker with a seat. It’s perfect for Aunt Helen. Lightweight, yet sturdy. The best part, it’s been sanitized, refurbished and looks like new. What’s better? It only cost $45! Brand new it’s about $300. Goodwill’s home medical equipment facility definitely makes mobility affordable. For more information about Goodwill’s Home Medical Equipment program click here.


Rolling walker found at Goodwill’s Home Medical store for just $45!


Aunt Helen now has the mobility needed to get out and enjoy the nice weather and new adventures with her new friends. She had another request. She enjoys reading and wanted to know if I could bring her some books. Goodwill is also a great place to get used books for a buck or two. Time for another shopping trip to Goodwill!




Melissa is Goodwill of DE’s social media aficionado. She has an obsession with sassy graphic design, glittery DIY projects, and most of all scouring local Goodwill’s for retro mid-century furnishings for her new house.

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